Climate & Environment - Strategies & Targets

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Mining & Metals, Renewable Energy, EVs and Battery Storage worldwide

TA RawMaterials: Climate & Environment - what does it provide you with?

TA RawMaterials provides you with full news and intelligence coverage of the Climate & Environment sector, of almost 2000 companies worldwide, of numerous Climate & Environment 'Hot Topics', and of hundreds of individuals involved with the sector.

Our Climate & Environment sector coverage is broken down into the following:

  • Global news, intelligence and research on the Climate & Environment sector
  • The daily operations of almost 2000 Climate & Environment companies connected with the Raw Materials sector, providing time-sensitive and reliable news and intelligence on their activities
  • Hundreds of Hot Topics connected with the Climate & Environment sector - including Climate Change, Clean Air Act, Climate Finance, Deforestation, Carbon Leakage, Battery Storage, ESG Investing, Electric Vehicles, Clean Technology, European Green Deal, Emissions Trading, Extinction Rebellion, Policy and Legislation
  • Indepth news and analysis covering the daily activities of thousands of Persons of Special Interest from business and political backgrounds who are involved with and/or influence the Climate & Environment sector

TA RawMaterials: Climate & Environment - what does it offer?

  • 24/7 coverage and tracking throughout the TA RawMaterials platform
  • 24/7 on-line and unlimited TA RawMaterials website access
  • An unlimited email alerting and email subscriptions feature
  • Tens of thousands of national, international and regional sources giving every angle and every viewpoint
  • Advanced 'Search & Save' tools
  • A user friendly and intuitive navigation, with personalised language and timezone settings
  • Languages - English, German, Russian, French
  • Automated translation from Russian to English
  • Unique taxonomy
  • 'Advanced Settings' for personlised online viewing and emailed reports
  • A 'Forwarding of Articles' feature - to email recommended content to colleagues
  • 'Hot News Makers' feature
  • Statistical and analytical analysis

Our Mission

To help to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.