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Raw Materials news, intelligence and analysis including coverage of CRMs,
Mining & Metals, Renewable & Nuclear Energy, EVs & Battery Storage worldwide

About Templeton Apus

Templeton Apus is a news, intelligence and research agency that covers all areas of global business, finance and politics.

Templeton Apus has offices in Vienna and in London, with its head office being in Vienna.

Templeton Apus is part of Krixos GmbH. Based in Vienna, Krixos is a European holding company that specialises in creating innovative news and intelligence services for customers worldwide.

TA RawMaterials - Aims

  1. To assist companies in identifying business opportunities that will help to accelerate their growth.
  2. To keep companies informed of the developments, needs, and opportunities within the Critical Raw Materials and Uranium supply chains worldwide.
  3. To update companies of the developments, the problems, and the global raw materials requirements that have resulted from the consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian War.
  4. To create an introduction for companies that are interested in supplying their offtake to the European Union.
  5. To help to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

About TA RawMaterials

TA RawMaterials hopes to become the primary global resource for all Raw Materials news and intelligence.

It was created in 2021 by a team who wanted to prove that by bringing together the sectors associated with the Raw Materials industry, a global news and intelligence platform could be created that not only furthered the interests of its customers, but that also helped to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. From its inception, TA RawMaterials has received support from EIT RawMaterials and co-funding from the European Union.

As you would expect, TA RawMaterials covers the Mining and Metals sector. It also reports all news and intelligence covering the associated sectors and their hot topics. These include Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage, Nuclear Energy, Aerospace & Defence, Finance, Technology, Climate and the Environment.

Why have we decided to create this news and intelligence resource? We believe that the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and the quicker it moves towards a zero-emission future, the better. This has become all the more relevant with the global consequences and fallout resulting from the Russio-Ukrainian War.

To achieve our goal of assisting with a cleaner future, TA RawMaterials is increasing its service content and features 24/7. We continues to consult daily with our customers so thatservice improvements can be made quickly, and according to their needs. The result is that TA RawMaterials adds new service functionality whilst service content ramps up.

And this is just the beginning. With the assistance of EIT RawMaterials and the European Union, TA RawMaterials intends to make its news and intelligence platform even more comprehensive, accessible and indepth to more people worldwide.

Mining & Metals, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage, and Climate & Environment already exist independently as sectors, but when combined together, they become even more innovative and powerful. That's the future we are aiming for.

TA RawMaterials - what does it cover?

  • Global news, intelligence and research on 25 Sectors and Industries connected with the Raw Materials sector. These include Mining & Metals, Renewable Energy, Technology, Automotive, Finance, Aerospace & Defence, Transport and Nuclear Energy
  • The daily operations of thousands of Companies worldwide working with the Raw Materials sector and associated sectors, providing time-sensitive and reliable news and intelligence on their activities
  • Global news, intelligence and research covering 104 Metals and Minerals worldwide
  • Global news, intelligence and research covering 50 Critical Raw Materials worldwide
  • Hundreds of Hot Topics connected with the Raw Materials sector and its associated sectors - including Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage, Batteries, Solar Power, EV Charging, Green Finance, ESG Investing, Wind Power, Greenwashing, Recycling, Supply Chains, Emissions Trading and Mining Policy
  • The daily activities of thousands of Persons of Special Interest from mining, business and political backgrounds, providing indepth news and analysis

TA RawMaterials - what does it offer?

  • 24/7 coverage and tracking throughout the TA RawMaterials platform
  • 24/7 on-line and unlimited TA RawMaterials website access
  • An unlimited email alerting and email subscriptions feature
  • Tens of thousands of national, international and regional sources giving every angle and every viewpoint
  • Advanced 'Search & Save' tools
  • A user friendly and intuitive navigation, with personalised language and timezone settings
  • Languages - English, German, Russian, French
  • Automated translation from Russian to English
  • Unique taxonomy
  • 'Advanced Settings' for personlised online viewing and emailed reports
  • A 'Forwarding of Articles' feature - to email recommended content to colleagues
  • 'Hot News Makers' feature
  • Statistical and analytical analysis

What is our Mission?

To help to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.