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TA RawMaterials: Battery Storage - what does it provide you with?

TA RawMaterials provides you with full news and intelligence coverage of the Battery Storage sector of almost 2000 companies worldwide, of numerous Battery Storage 'Hot Topics' and of hundreds of individuals involved with the sector.

Our Battery Storage sector coverage is broken down into the following:

  • Global news, intelligence and research on the Battery Storage sector
  • The daily operations of almost 2000 Battery Storage companies connected with the Raw Materials sector, providing time-sensitive and reliable news and intelligence on their activities
  • Hundreds of Hot Topics connected with the Battery Storage sector - including the various types of Batteries, EV Charging, ESG Investing, Electric Vehicles, Clean Technology, European Green Deal, Green Finance, and Battery Storage Policy and Legislation
  • Indepth news and analysis covering the daily activities of hundreds of Persons of Special Interest from business and political backgrounds who are involved with and/or influence the Battery Storage sector

TA RawMaterials: Battery Storage - what does it offer?

  • 24/7 coverage and tracking throughout the TA RawMaterials platform
  • 24/7 on-line and unlimited TA RawMaterials website access
  • An unlimited email alerting and email subscriptions feature
  • Tens of thousands of national, international and regional sources giving every angle and every viewpoint
  • Advanced 'Search & Save' tools
  • A user friendly and intuitive navigation, with personalised language and timezone settings
  • Languages - English, German, Russian, French
  • Automated translation from Russian to English
  • Unique taxonomy
  • 'Advanced Settings' for personlised online viewing and emailed reports
  • A 'Forwarding of Articles' feature - to email recommended content to colleagues
  • 'Hot News Makers' feature
  • Statistical and analytical analysis

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